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Take a map and let's try out a unique city walk! Find your favorite strolling map that contains information on various attractions such as specialized used bookstores, unique used bookstores, famous long-established stores, places related to great literary figures, shrines and temples.

  • A promenade related to Yukio Mishima

    A promenade related to Yukio Mishima

    Visit used bookstores that sell books by Yukio Mishima and places related to him.[YAMAGUCHI SHOTEN,KEYAKI SHOTEN,KOMIYAMA SHOTEN…etc.]


  • The quest for food

    The quest for food

    The depth of the food world that goes beyond eating, drinking and making. Let's embark on a journey of endless food quest.[TAKAYAMA HONTEN,TORIUMI SHOBO,YUKYUDO SHOTEN…etc.]


  • Cat lovers gathering

    Cat lovers gathering

    Ukiyo-e, photo books, novels and stationery. Let's experience the cat world of all genres![ANEKAWA-SHOTEN,YAMADA SHOTEN ART DEPARTMENT,BOHEMIAN’S GUILD…etc.]


  • The world of picture books

    The world of picture books

    Not just for children! Let's enjoy the depth of the world of picture books that only adults can enjoy.[MIWA SHOBO,ROKO SHOBO,KAGERO BUNKO…etc.]


  • Walk in the places related to Soseki Natsume

    Walk in the places related to Soseki Natsume

    Visit used bookstores that sell books by Soseki Natsume, places related to him, and the spots that appeared in the works.[KEYAKI SHOTEN,GYOKUEIDO SHOTEN,YAGI BOOKS OLD BOOK DEPARTMENT…etc.]


  • Reach out to the world

    Reach out to the world

    World literature, languages, dictionaries, art, and academic books. Explore the charm of the world that spreads from books![ITALIA SHOBO,KITAZAWA SHOTEN,SUBUNSO SHOTEN…etc.]


  • The way of calligraphy

    The way of calligraphy

    Learn history from letters, works, and tools, and explore the transition of letters and calligraphy over thousands of years.[IIJIMA SHOTEN,SEISHINDO SHOTEN,KOWA SHOBO…etc.]


  • Visit long-established stores

    Visit long-established stores

    Enjoy the accumulated history for over a century from used bookstores to restaurants.[SHOUNDO SHOTEN,TAMURA SHOTEN,OHYA SHOBO…etc.]


  • Immerse yourself in cinema

    Immerse yourself in cinema

    Visit bookstores related to movies such as screenplays, actors, posters, and music. You may bump into a book that unravels the background of the work.[YAGUCHI SHOTEN,ISSEIDO SHOTEN,KENJU SHORIN…etc.]


  • The art of sound

    The art of sound

    Analyze music from all perspectives, including composition, performance, and appreciation. A feeling of encountering a new world of sound.[KOGA SHOTEN,BUNKEN ROCKSIDE,TEZUKA SHOBO…etc.]


  • Japanese modern literature

    Japanese modern literature

    Let's unravel the world of Japanese modern literature from the perspective of authors, plots, bindings, original manuscripts, letters, and a book town Jimbocho![NIHON SHOBO,NISHIAKI SHOTEN,SANCHA SHOBO…etc.]


  • Meet Japanese antiquarian books

    Meet Japanese antiquarian books

    Enjoy history from pre-Edo period Japanese books, documents, maps, and Nishiki-e. The journey to the past is right there.[YAMAMOTO SHOTEN, HARA SHOBO PRINT DEPARTMENT, SARA SHOBO…etc.]


  • The journey of railway

    The journey of railway

    Explore railways from various perspectives such as route maps, timetables, technical books, wars, and picture books.[NAGAMORI SHOTEN,SHINSENDO SHOTEN,MEIRINKAN SHOTEN…etc.]


  • Fascinated by the dictionaries

    Fascinated by the dictionaries

    The charm of dictionaries can only be enjoyed on paper. Read and compare dictionaries of all genres![NISHIAKI SHOTEN,TAIUNDO SHOTEN,ROKO SHOBO…etc.]


  • Trace the history of Asia

    Trace the history of Asia

    Trace the history of modern Asia through Japanese local history, wartime materials, and history books of neighboring countries.[GUNGAKUDO,SOBUNKAKU SHOTEN,BUNKADO SHOTEN…etc]


  • Read the memory of the land

    Read the memory of the land

    A time travel experience where you can read old maps and historical materials and learn about your roots and the history of the land.[OHYA SHOBO,Rokuichi Shobo,SHINSENDO SHOTEN…etc.]


  • For the history buff

    For the history buff

    It's time to explore history through books from historical fiction to valuable materials![NANKAIDO SHOTEN,KEIBUNDO SHOTEN,YAMABUKI SHOBO…etc.]


  • Buddhism and art

    Buddhism and art

    A tour of bookstores to learn more about Buddhism and Buddhist art.[TOYODO SHOTEN,UCHIYAMA SHOTEN,RANKADO…etc.]


  • Philosopher's path

    Philosopher's path

    Stroll around the town while contemplating. From troubled people to researchers, there may be books to help.[MURAYAMA SHOTEN,TAMURA SHOTEN,AZUSA SHOBO…etc.]


  • The bible and art

    The bible and art

    Take a look at books on Christianity and art history to gain a deeper understanding of the Bible and Western art![YUAI SHOBOU,SUBUNSO SHOTEN,ITALIA SHOBO…etc.]


  • A way to think about society

    A way to think about society

    Look for clues to face the problems of modern society, such as politics, economy, and journalism.[HATANO SHOTEN,MARUNUMA SHOTEN,SUIHEI SHOKAN…etc.]


  • The art of printmaking

    The art of printmaking

    Take a leisurely look around places like a small museum in search of an attractive piece from classical to contemporary prints.[HARA SHOBO PRINT DEPARTMENT,YAMADA SHOTEN ART DEPARTMENT,KOTENHANGA TOSHUSAI…etc.]


  • Train your right-brain

    Train your right-brain

    Inflate the seeds of design ideas by browsing art-related books and magazines from all over the world.[GALLERY KAWAMATSU,GENKIDO SHOTEN,BOHEMIAN’S GUILD…etc.]


  • To find memories

    To find memories

    Nostalgic magazines, children's books, and toys. Everyone can surely reunite their sentimental memories again.[ARATAMA SHOTEN,YUMENO SHOTEN,MIWA SHOBO…etc.]


  • The gate to the world of fantasy and mystery

    The gate to the world of fantasy and mystery

    Sci-fi, mystery, occult, and fantasy. You may discover your destiny book that brings mystery and secrets![KENJU SHORIN,YOUTOU SHOBO,@WONDER…etc.]


  • Jimbocho Manga Tour

    Jimbocho Manga Tour

    Jimbocho is the only place where you can enjoy the history of manga and the latest manga crossing genres and borders all at once.[KUDAN SHOBO,YUMENO SHOTEN,NAGASHIMA SHOTEN surugadai shita store…etc.]


  • Longing for idols

    Longing for idols

    Jump around one bookstore to the next by chasing the active career of shining idols and rock stars who never fade.[ROCK ON KING,ARATAMA,BUNKEN ROCK SIDE…etc.]


  • The paper lovers

    The paper lovers

    From the paper itself to beautifully bound books and miscellaneous goods made by paper, you will be completely addicted to the charm of paper.[SHINSENDO SHOTEN,Yamagataya Kamiten,GYOKUEIDO SHOTEN…etc.]


  • The history of stationery

    The history of stationery

    Four Treasures of the Study is an expression used to denote the brush, ink, paper, and ink stone. Let's hunt for good products from both traditional and modern stationery![MANBAKEN,Bumpodo,Sanseido Shoten…etc.]


  • Book and booze pairing

    Book and booze pairing

    Beer and sports magazines, wine and literature, whiskey and picture books. Enjoy a rich reading time with your favorite combination.[ROKO SHOBO,KEYAKI SHOTEN,TAKAYAMA HONTEN …etc.]


  • Drifting away into space

    Drifting away into space

    If you look at the universe from various perspectives such as science, literature, religion, and art, your heart will be weightless.[BOHEMIAN’S GUILD,@WONDER,KUNPUHANANODO…etc.]


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