Find Bookstores

Find the Bookstores / 寻找书店

  • List of Bookstores

    List of Bookstores

    From the 125s used bookstores in Jimbocho, you can search for a bookstore based on the store name or the store's specialty genre.

  • Virtual Bookshelf Gallery

    Virtual Bookshelf Gallery

    It is a gallery where you can see a large number of virtual bookshelves in Jimbocho. Enjoy encountering books you have never seen before.

  • 神保町古書店マップ

    Bookstore Guide Map

    You can download a PDF file of "JIMBOCHO BOOK TOWN MAP", the official guide map of Kanda Old Bookstore Federation.

Stroll Around Town

Stroll Around Town Town /

  • Town Guide Map

    We have prepared 30 types of "strolling maps" such as bookstore maps by genres and long-established tours related to great literary figures. Let's go to Jinboucho with your favorite map in one hand!

  • Virtual Walking Tour

    You can virtually experience walking around Jimbocho as if you were strolling while searching for the book you were looking for.

  • JIMBOU Video Channel

    We have collected videos showing the charm of each bookstore through the owner's interview, and video footage archives of events held in Jimbocho.

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